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Top tips from a world-class negotiator

Get the inside track

Ever wondered what is the toolbag of the world's top negotiators? Mariette Wharton interviewed Paul Cramer to find out.

Words of wisdom from a venture capitalist

Harvard-educated health sciences expert and VC

No one is better educated in her field than Anula Jayasuriya, with a BA in Biology, an MD, a PhD in Molecular Genetics and an MBA - all from Harvard. She is a founder and has decades of experience in the health sciences arena and as a venture capitalist.

What a leading startup lawyer cares about

Michael Esquivel

Top Silicon Valley startup lawyer Michael Esquivel provides strategic counseling to both emerging and high-growth companies, handling all aspects of general corporate and corporate securities law at Fenwick & West. He also represents venture capitalists and investment banks that are fueling innovation, not only in the digital health sector, but also in the Internet, social networking, IT and clean tech industries. He earned a JD from Columbia Law School and BA from Stanford University.

How one creative mind captured the attention of Beyoncé

Tap Dancer extraordinaire Chloé Arnold explains

Ask people to name a tap dancer and they might say Fred Astaire. Or maybe Chloé Arnold. Here she shares her creative process and how she has made her dream a reality with her dance company Syncopated Ladies.

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