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Diversity & Inclusion

Six Things You Can Do Now

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Take action


In 2019 as we developed our inaugural program to recognize Innovative Women in Business on the heels of the Forbes 100 Innovative Leaders list, which included ONE female leader (see our revised list!), the NIMBLE team reviewed leading periodicals (including Harvard Business Review ), to see what leading companies were doing to improve D&I in the workplace. We then conducted roundtable research with executive leaders in the diversity and inclusion field, Tami Rosen, Chief People Officer at Atlassian, Jacqueline Jones, Head of Strategic Partnerships - Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at LinkedIn and Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder of BlogHer and author of Roadmap for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All.


It was eye-opening to find that what the leading publications reported did not match up to reality. We asked them for better resources for companies seeking to improve their D&I efforts and they pointed us to CEO Action, Founders for Change, and Society of Women Engineers. Our roundtable covered ideas to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is reflected in our infographic above and in more detail here:


Start by committing to writing and publishing a customized diversity and inclusion plan. Off the shelf plans don't work as every culture and company is different. Set goals and implement tools to track progress on diversity and inclusion. Audit your company regularly.

Write an equal opportunity statement. Executive and hiring managers can set mandates to increase diverse hiring, but it won't be enough without a broad pool of candidates. Look outside your existing networks  for talent. Get more women and people of color on the cap table and in the board room, too.


Once talent is hired, raise the potential for team success by providing the emotional security every person needs to thrive: a workplace free of harassment and open to the ideas of all. Offer support and resources, such as feedback and coaching. Cultivate an inclusive culture in which all feel worthy and a sense of belonging and excluding others is not tolerated.


Encourage employees to drive their own career path and development, with the tools to shine. To thrive, all people need a challenging and rewarding, supportive and collaborative team. 

Most importantly, listen actively to others. Ask questions, consider all input. Let's make the corporate and entrepreneurial world a better place for all.

Wallet Reminders for Diversity & Inclusion

Like our tips? Email for business-sized cards with these tips for your company.

Navigate a custom diversity and inclusion plan 

Implement tools to track diversity and inclusion

Make and publish an equal opportunity statement

Broaden hiring pool outside your network

Listen actively to others

Ensure all views are represented

We re-imagined the Forbes Innovative Leaders List 

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