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Spring 2024 News from NIMBLE

Celebrating Innovation and Empowerment

On May 20, 2024, NIMBLE hosted an intimate cocktail reception with a purpose at sponsor Fenwick & West in Silicon Valley.

NIMBLE was thrilled to host trailblazers from Silicon Valley—founders, venture capitalists, investors, and leaders in social enterprise. Guests enjoyed mingling, cocktails and heavy hors d'oeuvres over inspiring conversations, followed by a glimpse into the impact of its workshops in the developing world and a preview of its groundbreaking project, the AI-enabled NIMBLE Startup Advisor.

NIMBLE’s Work in Kakuma

Mariette Johnson Wharton, NIMBLE’s Founder and CEO, briefly took the stage to share NIMBLE’s heartwarming and transformative work at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. She highlighted NIMBLE’s in-person and follow-on Zoom workshops for female entrepreneurs that are helping advance the entrepreneurs’ efforts towards sustainability.

Attendees learned that, in the workshops, female founders gained skills in self-assessment, innovation, design thinking (a human-centric approach for innovation and problem-solving), identifying unmet customer needs, generating a business plan, creating a balanced team, developing a compelling pitch and productivity tools such as generative AI.

Introducing the NIMBLE Startup Advisor

Mariette then unveiled the latest initiative, the NIMBLE Startup Advisor. The goal for this innovative application is to increase the reach of the mentorship for entrepreneurs and founders as they navigate the early stages of their startup journey. The NIMBLE Startup Advisor is designed to guide users through the NIMBLE process, using AI to personalize each user's experience.  

Sign up for the waitlist to be the first to try the NIMBLE Startup Advisor:

Would you like to be part of our user research? Interview with NIMBLE for 20 minutes in exchange for a 20-minute startup pitch review with our founder, Mariette Wharton! Mariette is an exited tech founder and angel investor in 100+ startups. She co-founded the first cloud video conferencing firm Vidtel in 2008 with an exit in 2013 to a Fortune 50 company. She has 15+ years in tech innovation and holds an M.B.A. with honors from Columbia Business School. Sign up for an interview and pitch review here. You can also sign up for an in-depth, 1-hour advising session for $250 here. All proceeds will be used to support NIMBLE's philanthropic endeavors.

Meet the NIMBLE Team Behind the Project

A passionate team is developing the NIMBLE Startup Advisor. Leading the charge is Dane Wharton, NIMBLE’s project manager and software engineer, whose expertise and leadership are driving the project forward. Supporting Dane are three bright, motivated interns: Rocky Hidalgo, Colin Norstad, and Sage Loomis. 

As Mariette announced, seven additional interns will be onboarded this summer in support of the goal to prepare the next generation for the AI-enabled economy.

Looking Ahead

Follow @nimblemindset for updates.

If you're inspired by NIMBLE’s mission and want to be part of the impactful journey, consider joining the volunteer team, partnering, or donating. A message from the CEO: “A big thank you to Michael Esquivel and the rest of the Fenwick & West team for believing in and supporting us and to everyone who makes our work possible.”


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