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Startup Coaching

Are you looking for advice or feedback on your startup? Our founder, Mariette Wharton, is an exited tech founder and angel investor in 100+ startups. She co-founded the first cloud video conferencing firm, Vidtel, in 2008, with an exit in 2013 to a Fortune 50 company. She has 15+ years in tech innovation and holds an M.B.A. with honors from Columbia Business School. We offer meetings with Mariette to review your pitch and dive deeper into your startup to provide feedback that will help your startup grow and succeed.

20 min Founder Research | 20 min Pitch Feedback

Would you like to participate in our founder research? Interview with NIMBLE for 20 minutes in exchange for a 20-minute startup pitch review with Mariette Wharton. Fill out our pre-qualification survey to participate in our startup founder research and receive feedback on your startup pitch!

1 Hour Startup Advising Session

Would you like to support NIMBLE and grow your startup at the same time? We offer 1-hour paid sessions with Mariette Wharton, focusing on refining your product ideas, conducting user research, and pitching your startup. All proceeds will be used to support NIMBLE's philanthropic endeavors. Schedule a meeting with Mariette here!

Pitch 3 Nimble Mindset Startup Advisory
Pitch 2 Nimble Mindset Startup Advisory
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