Dale Allsopp

Dale Allsopp was the 28th recipient of the award reflecting his contributions as the first alum to serve as Corporate Trustee, corporate fundraising, and partnership with Prep's Leadership Development Team on entrepreneurship opportunities for high school students.


Whether he's organizing mentoring sessions or sponsoring business plan competitions, Dale's impact extends far beyond the office.

Maurice Brewster


Harlem-born entrepreneur Maurice Brewster has leveraged his corporate background to build a multi-million dollar corporation. Maurice Brewster, the CEO and founder of Mosaic Global Transportation, a widely successful transportation company, utilizes his skills beyond the office. In recent years, his firm has made deals with large corporate companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even as Maurice Brewster’s company has become more successful, he has still upheld his ideal of transparency. 


He is also the founder of MOOLA.org which educates its members and encourages them to get their Minority Business Certification (MBE). His efforts with his non-profit demonstrate his leadership skill as a motivator who moves the people who work alongside him towards greater progress.


Brian Butler


NIMBLE Intern Janvi Prasad identified Brian Butler to recognize for his outstanding business leadership and entrepreneurship. Brian started his career as a U.S. Army Officer and later served as a Policy Director on the Homeland Security Council in The White House. He also served as a Spokesperson for an Army Secretary and on the Communications Team for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in The Pentagon.  He later founded his own communications company, Vistra Communications located in Tampa, Florida. Brian actively serves on the Boards of Directors of the Tampa Bay Chamber, WEDU Public Broadcast Service, Sunshine State Economic Development Corporation, Minority Enterprise Development Corporation and Visit Tampa Bay.


Brian is also an avid community supporter and serves as the CEO Mentor to the Principal of Mort Elementary School and founder of the CEOs in Schools initiative with Hillsborough County Public Schools. Brian holds master’s degrees from the National War College and Central Michigan University and a bachelor’s degree from Hampton University. National Institute for Mentoring Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (NIMBLE) is proud to recognize Brian as a caring, focused, and strategic entrepreneur who embodies the attributes we cultivate.

Luke Cooper

Luke Cooper is CEO and Founder at Fixt, a smart phone and tablet support platform for repair, replacement or setup for large and small companies.  Fix’s growth has exploded with increased demand during the pandemic for Fixt’s dispatcher and technician network and enterprise-grade account management platform. 


Luke’s innovative, tenacious and entrepreneurial traits have led the company to expansion to Fortune 1000 companies. 


Luke holds an MBA from Babson Graduate School, a JD from Syracuse University and a BA from Adelphi University. 

Damien Hooper-Campbell


Damien Hooper Campbell is the current chief diversity officer at Zoom video communications.He was previously the Global Head of Diversity for Uber and a Diversity Strategist at Google. He led the design and structure of zoom’s global diversity and inclusion strategy. He has a MBA from Harvard business school and a Bachelor of ArtsField Of Study Economics from Morehouse College. 


Damien is an expert in diversity and technology.  He is bilingual and speaks Spanish. He believes in embracing and supporting the community and enabling diversity and inclusion both within his company and marketplace. 

Daymond John

“An entrepreneur needs to know what they need, period,” says Daymond John,, the founder, CEO, and president of FUBU, a global fashion brand that sells hip hop apparel. Daymond’s success story is one of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance. From humble beginnings to a self-made multimillionaire and a principal role on Shark Tank, Daymond John is an industry leader and groundbreaking entrepreneurial expert. 


His leadership style is notably creative, innovative and optimization-driven. Daymond seeks to boost employee morale, increase productivity, and optimize talents by offering negotiating tips for women and men in his staff.

Chris Oliver

Christopher Oliver is the VP of Strategy and Business Development for the IBM Partner Ecosystem. 


Chris has been successful not only because of his intellect (Public Policy degree from Brown University and MBA from Yale ) but because he is self-aware, humble, listens to others, incorporates others’ viewpoints and conducts himself with integrity. In short, people want to work with him because he has a high IQ and EQ.


As a dedicated husband and a father, he finds time to chair the board of non-profit, Community of Unity, focused on youth development. Chris is passionate about helping others succeed. National Institute for Mentoring Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (NIMBLE) proud to recognize Chris as a worthy role model embodying NIMBLE’s values.


Tony Prophet


Tony Prophet is the Chief Equality Officer of Salesforce. His team also leads the Salesforce Ethical & Humane Use of Technology initiative to drive positive social change.


Outside work, Tony is passionate about community service, focused on ensuring low income teens receive college educations and improving health care for children and HIV positive women. Tony has championed educating women workers in the tech supply chain, protecting the rights of young workers, improving schools for children of migrant workers, and stemming the flow of Conflict Minerals to stop the exploitation of women and children. Tony has been recognized by the National Academy of Sciences Board on Energy and the Environment, Three Gorges Award, the Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award, and the Booz Allen Professional Excellence Award. Tony holds an MBA from Stanford University.