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Silicon Valley Meets Silicon Alley...and beyond

To inspire inclusive and innovative company cultures, in October (postponed in 2020 due to covid) we provide a platform for inspiring, ground-breaking female leaders to set examples of transformational leadership.


In 2019, award winners hailed from 6 different states and were selected from nationwide nominations based on scope of impact with innovative product/service, driving positive cultural change inside an organization and breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries. These are last year's phenomenal awardees:

Ashley Still

| Strategy & Scale Guru | 

VP and GM, Creative Cloud Enterprise, Adobe

Chelsea Briganti

| Industry Disruptor |

ShEO, Loliware

Courtney Boyd Myers

| Sustainability Boss |


Damali Peterman

| Social Change Agent |

Founder, Damali Law LLC & Breakthrough ADR LLC

Deb Matityahu, MD

| Opportunity Catalyst |

Co-Founder, Beyond Fistula & Ob-Gyn

Emmy Negrin

| Cultural Architect |

Director, Global Purpose, Adidas

Kara Goldin

| Brand Luminary |

CEO, hint inc

Li Fan

| Empowering Leader |

CTO, Lime Bike

Martine Rothblatt

| Dauntless Visionary |

CEO, United Therapeutics



| Digital Ace |

CEO, Culture Connect

Rosina Samadani

| Health Vanguard |

CEO, Oculogica

Sara Holoubek

| Open Innovation Driver |

CEO, Luminary Labs

Robin Abrams, Lauren Berman
Evan Cranston, Stephanie Barada
Benjie Craig, Mariette Wharton
NIMBLE Volunteers

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Key Details



Networking | Celebration | Inspiration



Thursday, October 10, 2019

VIP Reception 5:30pm -6:15 pm

Main Networking 6:15 pm -7:00 pm 

Awards 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 

Conversation until 8:45 pm


Fenwick & West

801 California Street, Mountain View, CA 


Robin Abrams

Former CEO, Palm Computing & VeriFone


Tami Rosen

Chief People Officer

Luminar Technologies


Elisa Camahort Page

CEO, Cygnus | Co-Founder BlogHer

Mariette Wharton

Founder, NIMBLE

Founder & CEO, Change Agent Partners

Founder & G, FemmesFund

Jess Dooley

Student, Los Altos High School 

On Thursday evening, October 10, 2019 NIMBLE hosted a networking reception and awards ceremony highlighting selected female leaders in innovation, who are making positive cultural and societal impact or breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries. Leaders were selected from dozens of nominations. 


Guests were inspired by the phenomenal women from across the country honored for designing 3D bio-printed organs, revolutionizing the way traumatic brain injuries are diagnosed, pioneering edible bioplastics substitutes, fostering open innovation, transforming the way people interact with museums, turning moonshots into earthshots and more.


VIPs in attendance enjoyed wines in the top 1% globally from O'Brien Estate Winery and a beautiful flute performance by the award-winning and world-renowned Ray Furuta. Guests had the unique opportunity at the reception to network with these trailblazers and other Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley executives  (and beyond!) as well as provide feedback to young, aspiring entrepreneurs showcasing their own innovations. This was an incredible, rare chance to enable your daughters and sons to be inspired and network with industry movers and shakers in a small venue (limited to 100 attendees).


National Institute for Mentoring Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (NIMBLE) is a 501(3)(c) corporation with a dual mission: 1) fill the educational gap for socio-cognitive skills, what we call the nimble mindset of innovative problem-solving, empathy and inclusiveness, a necessity for positive societal change and success in the 21st century and 2) broaden access to mentoring and education for entrepreneurs and emerging leaders, as young as high school age.

Youth Innovation Showcase

Several selected high school student entrepreneurs showcased their innovations ranging from Ivory Tees to unwind to a nichrome marshmellow toaster at the reception. This was a rare opportunity for young people to get feedback from and exposure to movers and shakers in the business world - and it is also a unique opportunity for high schoolers to network professionally.


Want to Donate?


Check payable to:

NIMBLE, PO Box 861

Los Altos, CA 94023


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Ray Furuta, Profesona Flutist

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