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NIMBLE offers internships to both high school and college students. In the last 5 years, we have had over 40 interns working on meaningful projects ranging from video creation, diversity & inclusion research, social media campaigns recognizing leaders to preparing for the events such as the AI Symposium and the Innovative Women in Business Awards. 


The internship requires top-notch communication skills, ability to work independently and in teams, self-motivation and research skills. Students develop the nimble mindset of critical thinking, inclusive leadership, creative problem-solving and collaboration skills in the NIMBLE internship and have the opportunity to cultivate their professional network.

We offer selective summer and year-round internships to motivated, curious, self-directed, enthusiastic students (ages 16+) in a number of areas:


  • Social media marketing

  • Event planning

  • AI Enabled App Development

  • Coding Projects

  • UI/UX

  • Website development + maintenance

  • Content development (blog posts, articles, podcasts)

  • Video creation + editing

  • Creativity and innovation research

  • Admin support

Though we accept applications in all of the above categories, we are particularly searching for new interns in the bolded areas. Internships are currently unpaid, though it may be possible to receive a small stipend depending on donations received. Some college interns receive a stipend from their university. If you are a college student considering an internship with NIMBLE, we encourage you to contact your college and explore similar programs. Deadlines may vary depending on college.


Internship Fund

Your donation contributes to the development of important skills and global awareness for college and high school students, as well as recent graduates.

Application Form

Applicants should fill out the form below and email their resumes to

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