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Our Impact

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What We Address


UN Refugee Camp 
Kakuma, Kenya

Your donation contributes to solar panels, batteries and laptops to refugees and asylum-seekers from Sudan, Burundi, Yemen, Somalia and other parts of Africa in UN refugee programs. It also supports NIMBLE's Female Venture Studio programs in Africa. 


Scholarship Fund 

Your donation enables those with the least financial means to participate in NIMBLE's Startup Accelerator Programs in the US and around the world, empowering young leaders with entrepreneurial skills and the nimble mindset required to succeed in the AI-driven economy.

Female Empowerment

Your donation contributes to empowering young women globally in business by enabling access to our transformative programs, as well as shining the spotlight on outstanding female leaders at our events.


All Programs

Your donation will enable NIMBLE to allocate funds to the programs where your support is most needed.

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