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is a social enterprise with the belief that we all have the innate capacity to solve the world's most vexing challenges when inspired (and empowered with the right skills). We also believe that we all flourish with the nimble mindset in an inclusive environment.

To realize these beliefs and promote meaningful change in the world, we advance what we call the nimble mindset, embracing empathy, adaptability and entrepreneurial thinking. We believe this set of skills is the foundation for success in the creative economy of the 21st century. How do we do it? We offer experiential, engaging summer and year-round programs to emerging leaders aged 13-20 (scholarships available as needed).

The National Institute for Mentoring Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (NIMBLE) is a 501 (c) (3) corporation run by highly accomplished executive volunteers.  



Our week-long leadership and entrepreneurship programs are 30 hands-on hours (equivalent to a semester). In the startup camp, students go from innovation inception to plan, culminating in a pitch competition. It builds the mindset for successful entrepreneurship: creativity, empathy, and problem-solving, also offering experiential skills in teamwork, self-assessment and communication in unexpected and fun ways. Enrollment limited.

The half-day program encompasses self-assessment and idea creation and then extends to the process of prototyping, testing ideas with target customers and iterating based on feedback. Participants receive a crash course in design thinking and beyond, immediately implementing the approaches in an engaging and exciting way.  In prior sessions, we have spearheaded student Design Challenges with Instagram and Logitech.

College and  high school students make Silicon Valley connections at leading innovative companies, meeting with CEOs, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, software engineers and business people to develop a network, explore career opportunities and become familiar with leading technology.