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Venture-Building Programs

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       Startup Advising

We are building an on-demand startup advisor service for founders. If you're a founder or want to become one, contribute to our research and receive feedback on your startup pitch by one of our executives. Or pay for 1:1 advice.


We aim to democratize access to entrepreneurship, including enabling the women in the most vulnerable communities towards sustainable, profitable enterprises.

Our Mission

What People Are Saying


Tara Pande,

UC Berkeley, CA

"I learned so much valuable information that could change a startup from a zero to a hero. I now have the foundation to pursue my dream career—one I built myself."

Pethuel Mutalenu,

Bowdoin College & West Africa

"NIMBLE’s holistic approach not only built my professional skills but also boosted my confidence, preparing me to navigate an AI-driven world with assurance."

Maximilah Esinyen,

Kakuma Camp Refugee

"After the NIMBLE mindset training I was empowered to gain different skills from different people, which is going to help me to achieve my goals."

Hugo Biczek,

Purdue University, IN

“I learned so many skills about business,  social interactions, and just life in general. We first hand experienced product design, marketing, and perfecting the pitch.”

Kai Listgarten,

Connecticut College, CT

“Having industry experts helping and mentoring us throughout the week on our projects was an invaluable experience. Everyone was super friendly, kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I learned a lot from the week I participated in”

Maria Dincel,

Global Enterprise Technology Marketer

“This outstanding organization addresses a gap for mentoring young business leaders. The content, mindful exercises, thought provoking sessions engage and motivate the teams to push their thinking in a positive way while learning new ways to problem solve”

Our Approach



Human-centered design and iterative prototyping, testing ideas with target customers and re-designing innovative solutions form the basis of our program. We collaborated with Northeastern's Roux Institute in Portland, ME on an on-line learning platform for UN refugees. We have partnered with the University of Chicago, Logitech and Instagram on design challenges.


NIMBLE at the Mitchell Institute

NIMBLE at the Roux Institute

Our Approach

solving the world's challenges with a nimble mindset

adaptability, empathy, creativity, collaboration,
self-awareness, inclusivity

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Who We Are



Experienced, passionate leaders, primarily Silicon Valley executives with decades of expertise, comprise our leadership team and 40-strong mentor talent.  






Aligned with our mission, our corporate, non-profit and government partners amplify our success.

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