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Minutes, not hours

From concept to finished design in minutes! Our team collaborated to leverage AI, graphic design and business skills to create an approachable avatar for the custom NIMBLE Mindset AI chatbot (currently in development). Meet Bea, coming soon!

Let us know what you think: Would you use an AI assistant for free 1:1 startup coaching?

Bea’s Coaching Menu:

  • Idea Generation: Develop creative, viable business ideas aligned with your passions and market needs.

  • Customer Insights: Deeply understand your target audience through surveys, personas, and market segmentation.

  • Market Validation: Test your business concept with real-world research and analysis.

  • Product Development: Craft products perfectly tuned to market demands.

  • Revenue Strategies: Build a robust business model to generate sustained profits.

  • Marketing Mastery: Strategize your market entry and brand positioning.

  • Financial Planning: Navigate financial forecasts and funding strategies.

  • Operational Tactics: Plan for growth, partnerships, and potential acquisitions.

  • Leverage AI Technology: Integrate AI solutions to enhance your business operations.

  • Storytelling: Craft compelling narratives and pitches to captivate your audience.

  • Team Building: Assemble a team that complements your skills and values.

  • Sustainability and Ethics: Ensure your business practices are sustainable and ethically sound.

Ask your question

  • Would you use an AI tool for 1:1 feedback on your startup?

  • Heck, yes! When will it be ready? Willing to try it!

  • Nah, I don't help. I'm nailing it | old school

  • Not sure, would have to see it.


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